Ambient Photography Studios is a 1700 square foot open-concept space located in Leslieville, home to the biggest names in Toronto photography, and across the street from Headshots photography and videography rental.

Hourly rate: $49
Daily rate: $249 (up to twelve hours)
Weekly rate: $799 (up to five days)

The studio is 31 ft wide, 48 ft long with 20 ft ceilings. There is a kitchen with fridge and stove, and washroom with a shower. Photography equipment is provided for your use:

  • 9 ft backdrop stand
  • 4 ft octagon softbox on boom
  • 2 ft stripboxes
  • ringflash with diffuser
  • beauty dish with grid
  • remote triggering system
  • 2 ft high stage (4 ft x 4ft)
  • variety of grids, reflectors and gels